Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's a Quick Update

Sorry we have been out of touch for the past few days. It has been a really stressful time.

We are having some trouble finding a place to live because all of the landlords who own the places we are interested in are either in Saipan or are in places unknown, and therefore, we are stuck in a small hotel with no internet service until we can figure it all out.

Right now, we're in Suz's classroom, where she is hanging pictures and I'm trying to figure out why my email is all screwed up. There is internet access here, but since it is in her room, there is a block on a lot of sites like Photobucket, so it's hard to upload any pics (I hate using blogger to upload pics.)

Here's one of Harry and Angelo up in Saipan. I'll upload a lot more when we get settled. I'll tell you this about Rota: It is a beautiful island; perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever been. However, despite its beauty and the almost unsetteling friendlyness of its people, we are left feeling a little lonely, especially because of our internet situation and lack of a working phone. Hopefully this is just a matter of adjusting, but just in case, we ask that you do keep in touch and remain a little more patient than usual until we get our housing and phone sorted out.

We'll catch you tomorrow. Right now, we have to go and see a lady about an apartment.


Andrew & Suz


daffodilly said...

Hi, I finally figured out how to post something on your blog. The photo of Harry and Angelo is nice....but we would like to see a photo or 2 of Rota.
We love you and miss you here on the Mainland.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Welcome to this end of the world. Hope you enjoy your stay. Remember to wave at passers by.

violetlady said...

Read my current post. I hope it is ok to link to your blog. If not, let me know.
Aunt Tina