Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Google Ads Goofing

You may notice that Operation Rota uses "Operation Rota" a lot in the beginning. Also, you may notice that we will have some odd terminology such as "Rota Island," or "The Island of Rota" instead of simply "Rota." This is deliberate because Google and Google ads have not resolved (from our observation) certain parts of their algorythm that keep on topic and filter out similar topics with the same name or phrase.

For example, were we to omit "Island" or "the Island Of" from "Rota," our ads would be saturated with another S-the letter P-a-n---ish resort area (which I added hyphens to so that google won't mix it up from this post.)

More on our Google goofing to come, in the mean time:

Operation Rota likes Saipan Bloggers and Micronesia, especially Travel and Politics of the CNMI, which is the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

We wonder if David Bowie, or David Bowie for short has ever visited the CNMI, Saipan, or anywhere in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. If David Bowie Did, We at Operation Rota wonder if he brought some books from Barnes & Noble.



[In the interest of preserving objectivity and a positive tone, we have decided to redact this portion for now. After some discussion, my wife and I have decided that it is prudent to keep our ad filtering a trade secret until we actually arrive so that we don't cause any problems of perception about this blog's intent. We feel that this would be the fairest and most objective route to take to ensure that we don't inadvertantly lose potential contributers or benifactors of this blog and its purpose.]

Please be patient about this, it's a lot of workie!



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