Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Making Friends Already

We have talked to several CNMI Bloggers and are in the process of adding their links to our Blogroll.

Please take a look to your right and check out these new links. Also, The Saipan Blogger sent me an excellent artilce about the impact bloggers are having in Saipan. Please give it a read when you get a moment.

"The network, started in December 2006 with the purpose of uniting the community around the goal of improving Saipan’s national identity, has scored some wins while acting as the de facto island town criers.

But what’s most impressive, is that the We Love Saipan Network’s influence extends beyond Saipan’s shores. The bloggers, through their unique stories, perspectives, ideas, opinions and photos, are helping Saipan’s international image and satisfying a curious world’s interest in life on this island paradise."

From The Saipan Tribune
"Saipan bloggers creating change in NMI"
Local News 7/3/07

Today, I have several projects that need finishing because this week is probably going to be the last billing cycle before we depart. (Money Money!!) I'll try to come back around in a little while.


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