Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Sham of Republican Morality

Can we please, once and for all, lay to rest the purported monopoly the Republican Party has on morality, ethics, or any sort of higher ground in the American culture? Further, can we please take that extra millisecond to lump in the Christian Right with the burial?

After literally years of folks like me being talked down to by moralists who, from perspectives based on my own worldliness, are clearly engaged in a slew of sickening perversions behind closed doors somewhere, I feel that it is time for all of us, across party lines, to express our complete lack of confidence in the legitimacy of any sort of Republican ‘moral majority.’

Being gay is not perverted, nor is it a perversion in any way. Being gay, in a broad sense, is being something other than what is mainstream. It is being, and not a result of choosing. Therefore, morality has absolutely nothing to do with the natural processes of homosexuality. However, the denial of one’s own sexuality and further, the public condemnation of it by those lacking in the maturity or strength at a later age to handle his or her own sexuality is in my opinion a powerful catalyst for the denier’s perverted indulgences within his or her sexual norms. I strongly feel that this is why we see a slew of Republican members of Congress (et. al.) in deep trouble as a direct result of their immaturity and blatant hypocrisy. For, it is not in their interest to reflect the true values of the everyman; but it is rather in their interest to extract riches from the backs of the everyman by exploiting and developing a matrix of items to be fearful of, especially if said items deviate from any ‘mainstream’ construct of moral thought.

The acts of these Republicans are, in fact, perverted. They are sought out based on the perverted nature of the individual. Because these people are ill equipped to face their true selves in the mirror, they rob us all of every loose ounce of our dignity and sovereignty as American citizens. They place a pox on the dignified and just values of the typical Gay American, they taint his or her perfectly legitimate right to enjoy the Constitutional rights he or she is entitled to. They are a perversion in themselves and it is time to cleanse the halls of Government of such deeply unjust and obsolete hypocrisy.

Perverts abound in America. There are heterosexual perverts just as there are homosexual perverts. Across the gamut, those who choose to troll public facilities in search of whatever it is they are searching for are practicing in perversion, regardless of their sexual preference. I will guarantee you that the vast, vast majority of Gay Americans have never EVER considered such things; but rather, would likely catch a movie and enjoy the newness of a potentially significant other: letting things happen as they come, and perhaps, on a rainy afternoon. . . And years later, perhaps a wedding bell will chime.

Doesn’t that sound familiar? It does because it is in the same vein as heterosexual relationships. Perfectly normal, just like a slice of apple pie.

Today’s Republican Party has an uncanny knack for perverting anything it deems fit to exploit. Sadly, tangible reality and honest to goodness normalcy (despite the group) has and shall always trump the delusional evils of moralism. In a funny twist, reality always seems to have the last laugh in its exposure of the perverted hypocrisy of those who try to thwart it. As a result, anyone willing to look can clearly see that the Republican grip on some sort of ‘moral high ground’ is nothing more than a self-serving sham— a grift played out on the most ignorant of us, which, sadly, seems to be a powerful galvanizing strength.

What Senator Craig did in June was not gay. What he did was perverted. Perhaps (and I am confident at this point) he is gay; but gay has nothing to do with his perversion. His lengthy denial of his sexuality seems to have nurtured an advanced and complex perversion, greatly darker and more obscure than any routine or natural erotic whim. And so, it is he who is at fault¬–it is he who is immoral and perverted and not his sexuality.

Gay is Straight’s moral contemporary. Each is different in various ways; but each remains equal in its natural legitimacy, whether it is biological or otherwise. Until people accept this and the government (mostly Republicans) abandons the unjust exploitation of this American minority group, we will witness the victimization of yet another undeserving minority group in America. Further, we will witness an endless chain of fallen Republican perverts, who will turn around and blame the victim to save their perverted skin and replace the thin and tattered veil that tries to hide their natural sexuality.

This is what a pervert looks like. Please make a note of it.

Mugshot from the June arrest of US Republican Senator Larry Craig, Idaho.
The Smoking Gun

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