Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is why all in all, I highly respect Angelo:

In a DK thread, someone (who really seems to be afflicted with an imperial notion of what goes on in the CNMI) generalized the problem in a manner that reeked of a vision that we are all a bunch of savages running around the islands and are in need of some glorious demigod of advancement to save our hairy, smelly souls.

Angelo puts a stop to it swiftly because, while not perfect, he is a man who is working on bettering his commonwealth:

The question in question:

"Anybody know if there is any kind of independence movement for the N. Marianas?"

Who's to blame when the political parties get out of hand?

by ****** on Tue Aug 14, 2007 at 02:05:23 PM PDT
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Angelo Replies:

"[I]t is getting tiring listening to you people say things about "the unforgivable conditions" and then having you ask off the wall questions like is there an independence movement."

From Daily Kos

Granted, I disagree with him about totally dismissing Ms. Doromal (I think she overstepped ethical bounds though,)
I even get a little miffed looking at the environmental problems down here on Rota that seem to reside out of Beautify's Jurisdiction at this time (hopefully it's just a funding issue,) but whom does anyone truly respect without having some disagreements?

I think that Angelo (et. al.) is a great asset to the CNMI. Further, I think that folks like Dengre should hash out disagreements with Angelo rather than X-ing him off of the blogroll.

Lastly, I think that some of my fellow Kossacks should open up to the realities that folks like Angelo can share first hand about life, culture, and economics in the CNMI. I would defend DK with my life if I had to; however, that is not to say that there seems to be a problem with external pontification in reference to the CNMI and Saipan.

When discussing the CNMI, please remember that we ain't all sweatshops and oppression. Moreover, work is being done by dutiful people like Angelo, Bruce, and a slew of others to raise the discourse and to raise the quality of life in the CNMI.

Don't build Rome period, but definately don't build Rome in a day without stepping foot on its soil.



The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I don't want to be respected...I want to be feared.

Thanks for the props.

I appreciate Dengre for shedding light on the problems, but he loses the people that would be willing to help him when he refers to us as a "rogue territory" and the "pirates of Saipan" and so on.

While an argument could be made that those phrases have some merit, their usage mostly just pisses people off.

I'm sure Daily Kos readers think it is funny. It's not.

His and Wendy's tactics are great for fundraising, but for actually creating social change, they are detrimental. They are making the situation worse, not better.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for the kind word, Andrew.

Angelo has likely hit the nail on the head when he says those kind of blanket statements work well for fundraising...also for other agenda driven propaganda reasons.

Remember all readers are not discerning, all are not critical thinking capable, so that kind of rhetoric slips by and becomes 'truth' to the faithful choir at dk.

When the objective is achieved, we out here in the Pacific will recede into invisibility again.

Glad to see your blog back on again. Please keep us posted on what occurs in Rota. And please stop by for a chat and a free cold one your next trip to 'the big city' of Saipan. (:-))

A G Gatto said...

T' aww shucks!